BootCamp Sessions

A series of educational sessions to give startups the knowledge and tools to kick their business into high gear. Open to the public.

Bootcamp: What you get
  • Three educational sessions on marketing, funding, and founders’ stories. Attend 1, 2, or all 3 sessions.
  • In-depth panel discussion with time for Q&A.
  • Network with other outdoor industry experts and form lasting connections.
  • Participate in a silent auction of amazing outdoor gear.

Wednesday, October 16, 2024 8am - 12:45pm PDT.

Open Space Event Studios

220 Northeast Lafayette Avenue

Bend, OR 97701

United States

Pitch Event

Watch the four early-stage or growth-stage cohort companies compete for cash prizes. Vote for your favorite! Only program members can participate, but watching the event is open to the public.

Breakout: What you get
  • Watch the BOW Cohort Companies Pitch and vote for your favorite.
  • Network with outdoor industry experts and business owners and join a growing outdoor community.
  • Listen to our inspiring and insightful Keynote Speakers tell their brands' stories.

Wednesday, October 16, 2024 6pm - 8:45pm PDT. Doors open at 5pm.

Open Space Event Studios

220 Northeast Lafayette Avenue

Bend, OR 97701

United States


Thank you to all of our sponsors who are passionate about the outdoor industry and helping startups succeed.

Our alumni

Hear what BOW alumni have to say about our programs and events.

Through BOW, I was able to expand my network while honing my business skills as an entrepreneur in the outdoor industry. The community, resources, and friendships have lasted well beyond the formal program, and I have been well supported with both strategic and tactical insights as my business has grown. The mentors all come with real-world practical experience in the outdoor industry, having pioneered some of the most prolific and respected brands. Without their knowledge, wisdom, and, most importantly, willingness to share, we undoubtedly would not be growing at the pace we currently are. It's no wonder we already have 10x our revenue in the first year following the program!

Brittany Coleman  | Founder / Owner
Cohort / 2022

I can't say enough good things about the BOW program and, most importantly, the mentors. I met so many amazing people while participating in the BOW Accelerator, many of which I still work with years later. This program brought so much clarity to our strategy, margins, sales channels, and financial plan. I would recommend BOW to anyone who is serious about becoming a well-known brand in the outdoor industry.

Heather Kelly | CEO - Founder
Cohort / 2019

We would have never grown at the pace or to the level of profitability without the mentorship we gained from Bend Outdoor Worx. Growing from $40k in annual sales in 2014 to over $4M in global annual sales is proof we have a solid model. We are also profitable, own a light industrial building, and have 11 employees.

Katy Bryce | Co-Founder/Mktg & Finance
Cohort / 2015

The B.O.W. program has been a game-changer for my small business. As a solo entrepreneur, managing all the moving pieces was a challenge. This program helped me develop and structure every aspect of my business. Working with seven knowledgeable mentors on a weekly basis has been fantastic, keeping me engaged and on track. The in-person workshops are like fun BootCamps.  Now, my business has a solid infrastructure for intelligent growth. Thanks to B.O.W., I've gained the necessary support and guidance to thrive as an entrepreneur.

Franco Cefalo | Co-Founder/Owner
Cohort / 2023

Past Events

BOW is more than just an opportunity to grow your business. It’s a chance to connect with other badass brands, through networking events, group lunches, and other team building activities.

Team Building
Cohort Lunches
cohort meetings
Team Building
Cohort Lunches
cohort meeting

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