Bend Outdoor Worx Cohort Application

Applications are now open

for the country's first outdoor accelerator. This is where you become unstoppable.
Cohort 2024 - Jan 31 - May 9, 2024
OCT 31ST: Applications Close
NOVEMBER: interviews
january: cohort announced
In-person (Bend, OR) cohort sessions:  Jan 31- Feb 1, March 20-21, May 8-9
No session during Spring Break: March 27

Selection Criteria

Our program consists of a 14-week program followed by four monthly sessions. Applicants must be prepared to commit to the program, attend weekly meetings, and come to Bend for some in-person sessions. Our goal is to curate cohorts that are inclusive, diverse, and dynamic.


Your company must have sufficient revenue to show us that you’ve made it far enough to sell your widget to the neighbor next door.

Cohort Harmony

While a company may fit the majority of program criteria, it may not be a good match with the others in a specific cohort.

You are focused on growth and willing to invest
your time and resources into your business
 to achieve success.

You value collaboration and are open to learning from others, as well as sharing your own experiences and insights with cohort members.

You recognize your limitations and see the benefit of surrounding yourself with the brain trust of experienced mentors.

You can pivot your business strategies as needed based on changes in the market
or other factors.

You are driven and innovative, with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for your business.

You are dedicated to your businessand are willing to work hard to achieveyour goals.

You have a strong passion for the outdoor industry and a commitment to making a positive impact in the world.