Curriculum Overview

Discover our comprehensive curriculum designed to help you explore and develop your business.

Our program goes beyond simple learning; it empowers you to directly apply the acquired knowledge to your own business.

Profound Industry Connections

BOW is unlike any accelerator you’ve seen before. Our programs are relationship-focused, building lasting & valuable industry connections.

Well-Rounded Experiences

Through our unique combination of mentoring, education, and practice, participants gain the experiences they need to be successful.

$250K In Financial Value

Primarily in the form of mentor hours and supplementary services offered by our partners.

BOW Course Plan

Building and Refining Brand Foundation
  • Understanding brand archetypes
  • Defining the "Why, How, What" of your business
  • Establishing core beliefs
  • Creating customer personas to identify target market
  • Crafting compelling brand statements
  • Creating and Building out a Sales and Marketing Plan
  • Developing a unique value proposition (UVP)
  • Conducting competitive analysis and market research
  • Conducting a SWOT analysis
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Margin analysis and building a competition-informed pricing strategy
  • Vision Planning and Goal Setting
  • Setting a clear vision for the future of your business
  • Defining long-term goals and aspirations
  • Creating a roadmap to achieve your vision
  • Financials
  • Understanding scorecards and key performance indicators
  • Analyzing financial statements
  • Building pro forma financial projections
  • Level 10 Meetings and Rocks
  • Implementing effective meeting structures
  • Defining and prioritizing quarterly objectives (Rocks)
  • Enhancing productivity and accountability within your team
  • Funding
  • Exploring different funding options (e.g., venture capital, angel investors, crowdfunding)
  • Preparing and presenting a compelling business case for funding
  • Navigating the funding landscape and securing investment
  • Supply Chain
  • Understanding the importance of a robust supply chain
  • Evaluating and selecting suppliers
  • Managing inventory and logistics efficiently
  • Pitching
  • Crafting a persuasive pitch deck
  • Mastering the art of delivering a compelling pitch
  • Receiving feedback and refining your presentation skills
  • Gain the resources and skills needed to solve your business’ challenges
    Pitch deck
    Get branding support and advice from Relativity. Learn how to build your brand.
    $$$ from Pitch Event
    Get accounting and legal advice (pro bono during Cohort and  competitive rates thereafter).
    BOW Alumni Network
    Learn to navigate funding options from outdoor-specific and consumer goods-interested investors.
    Receive e-commerce coaching by Algofy Outdoors (pro bono during cohort).
    brand building
    Get branding support and advice from Relativity. Learn how to build your brand.
    Accounting + legal
    Get accounting and legal advice (pro bono during Cohort and  competitive rates thereafter).
    Investor Support
    Learn to navigate funding options from outdoor-specific and consumer goods-interested investors.


    Got questions about our Cohort Program? Find your answers here.
    What is the objective of this outdoor accelerator program?

    The program aims to support post-revenue startups and innovative businesses in the outdoor industry by providing them with mentoring, networking opportunities, and resources to help them grow and succeed.

    Who can apply for this program?

    We welcome applications from startups and small businesses that operate within the outdoor industry. This could include, but is not limited to, companies focusing on outdoor gear, sustainability in outdoor activities, recreational technology, packable food and snacks, adventure tourism, and outdoor education.

    What does the program offer?

    The program provides $250K in billable mentor hours and supporting services from our partners. In addition, participants will have opportunities to network with industry leaders, receive expert mentorship, and gain exposure to potential investors through BOW’s BreakOut pitch event.

    What is the cost of participating in the program?

    We are excited to present you with the opportunity to join our cohort program! To get started, there is a $5,000 upfront fee, which covers the initial costs and signifies your commitment to the program. Along with the upfront fee, you have two options for your participation:

    Option 1: Revenue Share You can choose the revenue-sharing model, where we request a simple 1.5% of your gross revenue paid quarterly after graduation. The revenue share has a maximum cap of $250,000, ensuring that you can grow your business without overwhelming financial obligations. 

    Option 2: Straight Equity Deal Alternatively, if you prefer a different approach, we also offer a straight equity deal through a warrant. In this case, we require a 7% ownership of your business. This option is designed to align our interests and support your growth as entrepreneurs.

    Both options are aimed at supporting founders like you while maintaining flexibility and ownership. As an entrepreneurial-friendly organization, we believe the revenue share model is simpler, more cost-effective, and keeps the focus on empowering the right people. However, we understand that different companies have different needs, so we are open to discussing the pros and cons of each approach as we proceed with the acceptance process.

    Our goal is to work together and celebrate your success. So, whichever path you choose, we are here to support you on your journey!

    How long does the program last, and do I need to relocate?

    The program unfolds over an intensive 14-week period, featuring weekly three-hour virtual meetings. Alongside these weekly sessions, participants will also attend three multi-day in-person sessions. After the conclusion of the 14 weeks, we continue to support our graduates with monthly check-ins for the next four months.

    What is the application process like?

    The application process typically involves submitting an application form detailing your business model, vision, and team. Shortlisted applicants are then invited for an interview.

    Will Bend Outdoor Worx fund me?

    While BOW doesn't directly provide financial investment, our program is specifically designed to guide businesses in two critical areas. First, we provide strategies and insights on how to effectively grow your company without relying on external funding. Alternatively, for those considering raising capital, we offer instruction on how to approach potential investors, how to present your financial ask, and how to assess the implications of taking on investment funds. Our main goal is to empower you with the knowledge and skills to navigate your business's financial future confidently.

    What is the size of each cohort class in the program?

    Each cohort class typically consists of 3-5 companies. However, if there are multiple co-founders within these companies, we can accommodate more than one representative per company. This flexibility ensures that the necessary decision-makers are involved in the program, thereby facilitating more effective growth and learning outcomes.

    What is the timing of the program?

    Our program is structured in two parts. The first is a 14-week intensive phase that runs from February to May. This phase includes weekly sessions and three multi-day in-person meetings. The second phase consists of four monthly check-ins, each lasting three hours, and this goes from June to October.

    What is the best approach to involving my board when applying or participating in the program?

    Engaging your board in the application or participation process of our program is important. We recommend maintaining transparent and consistent communication. Share with them about the program, its advantages, and how it aligns with the company's objectives. If you are accepted into the program, provide them with regular updates about your progress, learnings, and any strategic decisions arising from the program. If it would be beneficial, we would be more than happy to speak directly with your board members to provide additional information about the program on your behalf.


    Ready to become an outdoor industry leader? Apply to our Cohort Program for a chance to get expert mentorship, business advice, and build industry connections. It's time to kick your business into high gear.